Keep Your Friends Close....

"Eli Grayson?" A woman standing about 6 feet tall looks in his doorway. "I-it's Abby. I got your note. Is now a good time? I can come back if....." she pushes her hair to the side revealing a nasty chemical scar that has long since healed.

"No, now is fine, I have made tea. Earl grey, like you used to...... I'm sorry just not who I thought. Anyway, come, sit. I moved in today actually. How did you find me?"

She sits and ponders on his question for a second while pouring her tea, "I have my ways. I've always had my ways remember? Now, where were you for the past 10 years? I couldn't find you anywhere. I looked, truly. I even had the police look and they couldn't find you. I have a couple things for you." She produces an envelope from her jacket and hands it to Eli. "This is your trust fund information that Master Richard and Mistress Dinah set up for you. Also there's a letter in there from both of them. I hope you will forgive me for taking so long." She gingerly sips her cup as the young man reads the letter.

"Wait, I've been a homeless millionaire? Well, that's good for me. What about you? How have you been?"

"I've been.... better. I've got a good job, taking care of certain affairs of some people. Nothing too big, yet. I wanted to just give you your due and check up. I'll be seeing you I must be going now." She gets up and leaves the apartment.

Eli immediately starts rifling through his brain about what was different about her. She had an air about her that is not what she was, yes the scar makes a difference but she had a sadness to her that overtook her presence but he didn't want to ask. Maybe she just is depressed. He'll be sure to track her to make sure she is truly okay.

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