Demons Reunited (Part 1)

Small grains of sand pelted against Ra's face, each one like tiny needles burying themselves deep inside his skin, yet he felt nothing. His eyes, on the verge of watering but tears refused to fall. Instead, a look of determination fell across his face, as he stood atop a fallen building, looking over what was once the city of the League. The city of The Demon's Head himself, and yet they destroyed it. Now, only one thing remained on his mind. Revenge. But revenge would take time. Time to plan, time to gather resources, and to act. Time was nothing that Ra's lacked, and after seven hundred years, time meant nothing to him.

A voice from behind Ra's distanced him from his thoughts.
"My liege, your daughter has been taken by the one known as Deathstroke. She has been transported to a Lexcorp holding facility. Our scouts have the coordinates."
He dismissed the assassin with a wave of his hand, and his eyes narrowed on a lexcorp recon plane in the distance.
"This begins with the escape of my daughter."

The Demon's Head gave silent commands, as the assassins approached the Lexcorp aircraft carefully, yet extremely hastily. Ra's scanned the vessel, deducting every possible entrance, and spotting each member of Lex's army before making his move. He began walking calmly towards the opened hatch, where two guards spotted him right away, and prepared to engage. Ra's paid them no attention, and continued strolling forward, as two well placed arrows from his ghuls penetrated their necks, and The Demon drew his sword. A wave of four other soldiers appeared from the entrance, and locked onto Ra's. Normally, he would rather his ghuls dispose of these peasants, rather than wasting his time but he was in need of a little bloodshed, after everything that's happened.
With inhuman speed, he lunged forward, cutting downward into the first soldier's neck before turning to slice upward, lacerating both of the man's hands, forcing the rifle to hit the ground, and the soldier to fall onto his rising sword. Ra's then forcefully placed a kick to the other's knee, shattering the bone, and causing him to fall into the sand, screaming in pain before The Demon finished him off. The remaining soldier fired his rifle but Ra's dropped to the ground, slicing his femoral artery, then rising again to watch him bleed out. He dropped his sword onto the ground, and a ghul immediately retrieved it to begin cleaning while Ra's boarded the aircraft.

The coordinates took them to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere but Ra's ordered the aircraft down, commanding that the remainder of the mission be completed on foot, so that Lex's radars would not see them coming. As they silently approached the exact coordinates, a small indention in the earth came into view with a hidden control panel. A ghul immediately stepped up to open it but Ra's stopped him.

"No. This looks to be an elevator of some sort." Ra's thought for a moment. "We can't risk alerting them. We will repel down."
The assassins began readying the equipment, and removing tiles from the elevator to allow them to enter, while Ra's scanned the horizon, ensuring they received no visitors before they were in.
"I will free you, daughter. And we will regain our League." He said to himself, before repelling down the shaft.


The facility itself descended into the earth for several floors, bound in steel and concrete that gave it the atmosphere of an old Cold War bunker. This structure however was never meant to keep world ending weapons out.

Talia had a rough sense of where she was within the facility, she had woken up despite the cocktail of narcotics LexCorp they began injecting her with after Slade had dealt his hand.

In the mirror she could trace the injury across her head, where the bullet had grazed her scalp. On the side of her neck, clamped painfully to her skin was a small, simple device, that dug into the soft tissue and was no doubt wrapped around something important, discouraging its victim from digging it out. The electric charge added to that.

She shook her head, Slade had once been one of them, trained by her father's own hand. They had worked together, and it was that which had finally done the Bat in.

As to his new contract, well… she had no doubt that he would eventually find a way to finish it.

Faintly through the solid door, she could hear the footfalls of dozens of feet, likely assembled to bring her out of this cage. The door cycled the locks, and there was a faint hiss of depressurization. In all respects, she may have been able to fight her way through, if she could take the first one through the door.

The hiss came to a slow and drawn out end. She weighed the odds as the door opened, and a pair of riot shields with electrical lines strapped to the faces greeted the room. Behind, stacked shoulder to shoulder and balls to ass, armored head to toe, were LexCorp soldiers. No weapons, just bodies. Guaranteed they saved the rifles for just outside the door.

"Turn away from the door!" a soldier commanded from somewhere in the back, "Hands out, against the wall!"

Her eyes rolled, but she complied. She even did the favor of putting the backs of her hands against the wall.

"Face! Away!"

She sighed and put her chin against the wall as well.

"Feet! Apart!"

Seriously, she thought.

"Apart! Now!"

She heard them press the advantage just as her foot began to move. She stopped just short of beyond shoulder width apart. Boots moved in concerted rush to overwhelm her. They should have watched her stance.

It wasn't that she had actually expected to escape, between the sheer number of soldiers bearing down on her, the security in place outside the door, and the fact that the facility could probably be locked down from a remote location with no chance of escape. As she careened over the electrified shields, the shocks from them and the device in her neck shooting through her nervous system, she knew even before she hit the ground that there was no way of getting out.

Faceplates were cracked, she heard bones follow suit. Armor got torn off and used as blunt instruments, she suffered maybe half as many hits as she dealt out. By the time it was over, her shock device had finally locked up her muscle system and probably half or slightly more of the soldiers were crumpled over in pain. She had maybe four or five piled on, working her hands and feet into cuffs.


Friction began to build up, and Ra's felt the heat through his leather gloves as he descended down the shaft rapidly. All was silent, except for the slight rubbing sound of leather against nylon. His senses were focused on anything out of the ordinary as they zipped by each floor, hoping, and knowing that the Daughter of the Demon would not simply lie down, and accept defeat. After descending down several floors, Ra's could hear the sound of boots moving hurriedly across the ground, so he quickly gripped the nylon rope tighter, which slowed him to a halt.

Looking down, he watched as the horde of foot soldiers rushed through the door, and into the room. Through the crowd, Ra's caught a glimpse of his daughter, yet he waited to act. He had trained her well, and throughout her entire life but Ra's wanted to see for himself what she had become since his absence.

The Demon watched, elevated, and concealed in the shadows, as Talia made her stand. There were flaws in her techniques, of course, but that was expected with anyone who had trained for anything less than a lifetime. A smirk appeared across Ra's face, as he witnessed his daughter making short work of the men but his eyes narrowed when she hit the ground. Her body spasm'd as she lay on the metallic floor, no longer a threat. He thought for a moment. None of the soldiers did that to her, he was sure, therefore it must be internal. He should have known that Lex would use some sort of technology to keep her here, and he did know. That was one of the first things that he thought of, before breaking into a Lexcorp facility. His left hand reached down, and could feel the portable EMP device but beside it, a good old fashion smoke bomb. He gave a swift node to the ghuls beside him, and they all released their grips, deploying their smoke grenades before they impacted with the floor.

Dense smoke filled the entire room as the assassins began their assault, or massacre rather. Sounds of metal against flesh filled the small area, and the room began heating up from the immense bloodshed. Ra's walked directly through the middle of the violence, untouched, before revealing himself by exiting the cloud of smoke in front of Talia. His eyes looked down to the ground where Talia lay, as the smoke cleared from behind him. Decapitated, and mutilated bodies of the once Lexcorp soldiers filled the room, as Ra's addressed Talia.

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