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Summary: Honorable and dependable, with a streak of insurrection in Imperial matters


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Gender: Male Romulan

Age: 59

Group: Starfleet Captains

Origin Location

Born Havraha ir'Torel, he was raised by a "foster" family on Romulus. Having much anger built up from having no family, he joined the local protection force ("police") and later the Romulan military. He is an exemplary soldier, and should be looked up on by all.

Pre-Academy: Civilian 'Police' Force (10 years)
Academy: Completed - Focus in Tactical, Command training afterwards (5 years)

His career exploded over the years becoming the Commander of the IRW Laehval and then an Ambassador to the Federation. He would be called back to active command duty for the IRW Kholhr, and later the Laehval yet again.

Original Job/Skill

Civilian Police, Trained in Tactical and Command through the Galae

Ship Name

IRW Laehval: Modeled after the little-known V'Melak class, the Raptor-class was designed in the 2380s as a new type of Escort that was not as large as the D'Deridex or the Norexan, but could still pack a punch. She's fast, powerful, and nimble.

Physical Appearance

Tall and strong, uncommonly-loose greying hair, a stance proud and firm.

Personality and interests

Dry, quiet. Not the best choice for political dealings in his early career, but he takes on any task as if it were the most important in the Empire. As he aged, so grew his maturity and diplomatic charisma.

Strong, leaderful, quick to make decisions. A bit quick to judge, a bit less "xenophobic" than many Romulans. Not a fan of the Tal'Shiar in general. A huge proponent of the Romulan Resistance movement (to bring about a post-Hobus, non-imperial Romulan government).

Loves the Romulan equivalent of "Tai'Chi", a meditative martial art that has applicable principles in melee combat.


2361-2366: Served at Galae HQ as Uhlan

2366-2369: Served as Sub-Lieutenant on the Grahleb at Tactical.

2369-2372: Served as Lieutenant on the Grahleb during the Species 8472 War.

2370: Awarded Dathe for honor - Name changed to S'Havraha.

2372-2377: Commander of Laehval advanced scout ship at rank of Centurion and later Sub-Commander.

2377-2381: Appointed as Ambassador to Federation

2381-2383: Moved to Sol sector Romulan Ambassadorial unit

2383-2389: Reassigned to IRW Kholhr, rank of Commander (Starfleet Captain), pulling double duty as Ambassador to Federation after Hobus

2389 - Present: Moved back to the new IRW Laehval

Favourite Sayings


Favourite food



Common Romulan Phrases:
Aefvadh - Welcome
Jolan'tru - Hello
Veisa notht? - How are you?
Veisa vihroi? - What's your name?
Vikra nnea au? - Where are you from?
Viduus au paeti - Pleased to meet you
Brhon mnekha - Good morning
Aihkhmiite mnekha - Good afternoon
Draomn mnekha - Good evening
Temar mnekha - Good night
Bedah - Goodbye
Llea - Bon appetit (enjoy)
Ekhesai - Excuse me
Veherr - Sorry
Hann'yyo - Thank you
I-jol au - I love you
Mehre efveh! - Call the police! (summon the authorities)
Oehl d-navassa'tel - Happy Birthday
Rhifv Areinnye daeohre - When pigs fly (when hell freezes)

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