New Chapter

= = = [ Starbase 42 | Counselor’s Office ] = = =

“Well?” Zane prompted. The rest of his life would be determined by the decision of one person. That happened in life more often than most people knew, but rarely was it so obvious.

“I don’t think you’ll like what I have to say.” Counselor La’rok said in her placid tone. “You’re qualified and approved for duty. Congratulations Captain.”

Inwardly Zane swore. All the Bajoran and Cardassian and Klingon swears he knew. “Thank you Counselor.” He cleared his throat. Realizing he had nothing more to say, Zane just left.

= = = [ Shuttlecraft Ajax ] = = =

The first time the USS CHAOS came into view Zane felt a jolt through his body. He had been in command before, but never of a ship this size. Of course he had reviewed the specifications before, but seeing a newly upfit Akira class ship in real life was a completely different story.

“We’ve been given permission to dock.”


“Shuttlebay Two.”

“I want to use the launch bay return.”

“Aye, sir.” The helmsman keyed in a few commands. A very brief moment later, “Permission granted.”

A roar sounded over the speakers in the shuttle. Being a perfect vacuum no sound traveled in space, but Starfleet Engineers had long since included audio representations of ships, phasers, torpedos, anything really, to help orient a traveler.

“Seems my intentions were expected.” Zane said looking at the honor guard wing now flanking the shuttle. The fighter craft looked sleek and ready for action. All entered the rear of the ship without incident, only spectacle.

= = = = = = = = = =
Captain Zane Silverton

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