A Trilling Adventure

= = = [ USS CHAOS | Turbolift ] = = =

Silverton had just officially taken command of the USS CHAOS. There had been a whole procession and podium set up for a nice quick speech. Thankfully that was all avoided when the ship went to red alert just as Zane was about to talk. The crew scurried to their battlestations and Zane’s XO materialized.

“Captain.” Commander Luna Sol was all business. She began her report. “Trill has been attacked. We’re the closest ship.”

“Attacked by?”

“We really don’t know anything else. Communication is down.”

“What does that tell you?” Zane knew Sol was already putting it together.

“The attack was planned well in advance. High level of sophistication. The possibility of this being a trap is at least 65 percent.” Commander Sol.

The duo entered a turbolift. “Not bad for a ten year old.” Zane couldn’t hold back his smile.

“I’m eleven now.” Sol corrected him. She was a certified genius on every level anyone tested her on, and had served with Silverton before. Despite all her intellect he could still surprise her. For example, getting his old crew together on this ship. Most Captains however did not like a prepubescent girl overshadowing them but Silverton always used it to his advantage. They made an effective team.

The door shut and in moments they were on the bridge of the CHAOS. The layout was of a warship, not the comfortable and graceful lines you might find on a Galaxy class ship. This was a place of work, of war.

“Captain on the Bridge!”

“Maximum warp to Trill.” Zane actually had no idea how fast this bird could fly. “Lets spring this trap.”

= = = = = = = = = =
Captain Zane Silverton

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