A Trilling Adventure - Part 2

= = = [ Above The Planet Trill ] = = =

The USS CHAOS emerged from warp and disgorged a third of her fighters, then immediately jumped to warp again for only the shortest distance possible, to repeat the maneuver again and again. Each craft had the same orders, to locate any and all ships in the area, and to not let them leave.

On the bridge of the CHAOS Captain Zane Silverton was watching the tactical reports come in, one by one, each pilot signaled all clear or if they were now escorting another craft. In short order all wings had confirmed orders, that is except for one.

“Dade, Report.” The command came from the Wing Commander, also tethered to a tactical screen, but from within the ship. This was his operation after all, Silverton had given the orders, it was up to Lieutenant War to carry them out.

“Unknown craft hasn’t responded to hails, and I’m barely able to keep up.” Alex Dade reported in, “I’m going to take a more aggressive tack.” The fighter craft sent out one warning shot. The unknown craft banked and continued evasive maneuvers.

“That craft is about to go to warp.” Turk Hawkings at tactical chimed in.

“Not anymore.” Dade said this, his voice dripping with self-satisfaction. “I’ve disabled it.”

“Correction.” Hawkings continued, “You’ve destroyed it. It just exploded.”

“Begin salvage operations.” Commander Sol said exactly what everyone expected. “Bridge to Engineering. Lieutenant Youngblood, we need answers, scan everything we can recover.”

“Aye, Commander.” And the communication line was cut.

Sol looked to the Captain who ordered all ships to return to the ship. “Have Dade and War report to my office as soon as they are back on board. Also, we need to get down to Trill. Find the Starfleet liaison on planet and get me a secure channel.”

“Yes, Captain.” Sol said to his back, as he had already turned and left for this ready room, his anger barely contained from this debacle. Sol was glad she wasn’t in Dade’s boots today.

= = = = = = = = = =
Captain Zane Silverton

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