New Orders

(IRW Laehval)
Galae Flotilla, Fleet Command Offices

The headquarters of the Imperial Navy were insanely busy, especially after another Klingon incursion occurred just a month ago. It was handled, but things were still touch and go. Everyone was sensitive and on high alert.

The deck on which S'Havraha stood was less busy. While the admiralty were fairly encumbered by running the Empire without an Empress or Praetor yet, and the Senate feeling its way through all of this, they had plenty to do. And yet they made themselves available for fleet matters as well.

These days, after the massive destruction caused by Hobus, much of the power and strategic planning was delegated to the ship commanders. S'Havraha had been a commander on the Kholhr, but she had been pulled in for an overhall recently. And now he was here, receiving orders, with no sight of the Kholhr at the flotilla.

"Riov," came a voice behind him. It was Admiral Markom, one of the leads in the area of fleet deployment.

"Enriov Markom, an honor." S'Havraha gave a bow of his head.

"Come, I have news," said Markom, motioning for the two to enter his office. Inside, it looked out over the command deck below on one side and one of the external docking sections on the other. It was very wide, and yet did not feel barren or empty. "How are you? It feels like we've not spoken in years."

S'Havraha followed him in and smiled a half-grin when the man spoke. "It has been, sir. But we've both been busy. And now my personal craft has been taken from me." He was referring to the Norexan Kholhr's work.

Markom chortled. "That wit..." He shuffled in his stance and picked up a datapadd. "Here are your orders, the news of which I spoke." He handed over the padd.

S'Havraha looked over the green writing and cocked his head, his brow furling a bit.

"It's a new vessel, under the name you love." Markom answered the unsaid questions. "We need a fast and strong escort out there, not a battleship."

"There are other scouts like this on active duty as we speak. Why now? Why me?"

The admiral nodded slowly. "They are not new, and they are not you." The rhyme was unintentional. "We want your experience from both the command deck and the embassy. And we want you to carry the flag with it."

S'Havraha looked up at Markom. "Oh?" That was his only reaction. Normally the admirals would carry that status, but this was different - as different as the times.

"Indeed. The admiralty cannot be out in the stars as much these days. So along with ship commanders taking control of their own fates, we need one of you to carry the mantle of the Galae as well." Markom paused. "Now there will be times where the flag status is given to another vessel or to an admiral in flight. But otherwise, we want your ship to be it."

S'Havraha pursed his lips and then continued after a brief pause. "What's the catch?" he inquired, half joking.

"There is no catch." There was a timely chirp at the door. "Well ok, unless this is an issue."

The door opened and a female Rihannsu in Galae garb came in. S'Havraha recognized her as she spoke. "Enriov, Riov. Jolan'tru." She bower her head.

S'Havraha replied. "Farra... it is good to see you." He was mostly serious.

"She will be helping on behalf of the senate. Tal Diann is one of the words we use on our warbirds, no?"

The commander nodded slowly. He knew of them, and he was not a fan. Not as bad as Tal Shi'ar or Tal Prai'Ex, but he also knew Farra and had worked with her a couple times in his ambassadorial roles. "I don't think this will be an issue, Enriov."

Markom clapped his hands together. "Excellent. Let us discuss some of your tour duties and I'll try not to keep you too long."

The conversation did only last another 20 minutes, with many discussion points and questions. But all the gritty details, and a hint of one of their first runs, came into focus. The Laehval would rise again, and so would S'Havraha. It was a good day!

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