A clean getaway

An hour later...

The door to the bridge was a massive one-ton hunk of metal, sunk into an even more massive bulkhead. It took a full ten seconds of grinding gears for it to fully open.

Inside, dim red light provided just enough visibility to get by without bumping in to anything. Fire control, navigation, communications, sensors, and other stations were spread out across the curved portion of the half circle shaped bridge with an imposing captain's chair in the center, overlooking it all. Jason Voorhees strode confidently to his throne, captive in tow. The eyes of every single one of the pirates followed her, uncomfortably.

"Report," the captain demanded as he took his seat.

She stood uneasily, arms bound, to his left.

A buccaneer rose from his terminal. "Hardly any damage, cap'n. An ack-ack gun is down and Smitty's still work'n on that canon. Other than that, everyone's back on board, warp drive is fully charged, and we're ready to pull out of the system."

"Good. Move us clear to make the warp jump. I want it done as cleanly as possible," he ordered, and then turned to the woman. "So, pet. Is there anyone onboard that you'd like to bid farewells to?"

It was obvious that all she wanted to do was run and hide from this man who had kidnapped her. And yet, she didn't.

Ahead of them, spread out across a massive three-panel view screen, was a simulated top-down view of the Galantia. She looked the worse for wear, with multiple hull breaches, numerous systems in the red, and no means whatsoever of fighting back, running for help, or even signaling her distress. A few well-placed hits and every man, woman, and child onboard would be eating vacuum.

"Sir... p- please. I beg you. Don't hurt them," she forced herself to beg.

A few of the pirates snickered and one even outright laughed.

A moment later, the ship shuddered as impulse engines began pulling the battleship away from it's crippled prey. She immediately looked away, surely imagining all of those poor passengers being sucked out into the cruel vacuum of space when the barbaric captain gave the order to fire. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. But when she finally looked back up, there were no flailing bodies being dragging from the Galantia by the vacuum. Confused, she looked back at the captain.

"Y- you didn't fire?" she asked, dumbfounded.

"Oh, no. That would be bad for business. You see, if we develop a reputation for killing unnecessarily, then captains will be more likely to put up a vigorous fight rather than cutting their losses and surrendering. An awful lot of cargo can be destroyed in a prolonged firefight," he explained as if tutoring a student.

"Alright, get us clear of this mess and make the jump," he ordered.

"Ey," the helmsman called.

Ahead, on the view screen, the image shifted to a cockpit type perspective. The Galantia's blackened hull slipped from view as the Jägermörder turned toward open space. A whirring sound resonated throughout the entire ship as the aged warp drive's induction emitter came to life. Then came a sudden and altogether violent jult. The sea of stars on the view screen suddenly became a torrent of white streaks flying by. Gradually, the ship leveled out and people were able to move about normally.

"Steady at warp 7.6, cap," the helmsman reported.

It was actually point one warps faster than the ships original specs, thanks to some tinkering from Smitty. Still, compared to the Galantia's top speed of warp 9.98, it was a relative crawl. Hence the need for a clever ambush to catch their prey.

Now, if they could just make it out of Federation space, Jason and the Jägermörder would be well paid and set for the foreseeable future.

His eye scanned the console over the helmsman's shoulder. Seven hours until they reached their first checkpoint. At each checkpoint they would stop, scatter their ion trail, and continue in a new direction. In all, he'd carefully plotted twelve checkpoints, some longer than others, and all designed to keep any pursuing Fed vessels from easily tracking the not-so-stealthy battleship.

Now, what to do for the next seven hours... Jason's mind easily drifted back to the young woman at his side.

Planning and setting up this operation had consumed his every waking moment since it's very conception. Every detail had to be exactly right. So it had been many weeks since he'd taken the time to experience the 'finer things in life'.

A few brief orders and, again captive in tow, he stepped back out into the darkened corridors of his ship.

"You hungry?" he asked.

Surprised, "Well, yes. I suppose I am."

"Me too. C'mon, let's get something to eat," he said, leading the way to the mess hall. "Have you ever tried Steak pan tatas?"

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