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Summary: So I seek Him instead, whom Men have long since deserted, who is now all alone; and to Him I pray!

Black Goat

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Corrupted


Russian with Dargwa and Nogai ancestry.


Mind control - his body produces chemical pheromones which, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, allows him to control others' actions, as long as he is physically present. The cadence of his voice however also has some sort of hypnotic abilities and will bend most to his will with the exception of the most strong-willed people.

Teleportation - he can access the Shadow Dimension of the Old Ones to travel unseen. This action is almost immediate on our world, depending on distance and line of sight. He can teleport to most places he has been before even if they are not in his line of site however it takes him longer to do so.

He can also blend very easily in shadows but this is more of a skill than a power

Favourite Things

Weapons, blades, ancient books, history of his people and of the Great Horde. Travelling and meeting new cultures. Fascination with the Old Ones.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 6'2", with a muscular frame with short black hair, dark tanned skin. Piercing black eyes.

Personality and interests

Sadist and a control freak. He enjoys seeding terror, horror and pain in his victims. Controlling their actions until such time when they are no longer of use or amusing to him.


Descendant from the peoples of the Nogai Horde, born in steppes of the Mountain Land, he always knew he was different from a very young age and destined for greater things.
He could get others to do little things for him as he was growing. Other children parted with favorite toys or pets at his asking. Family showered him with small gifts, food and treats as requested. Later he could get any girl to kiss him or any rival to kneel simply by commanding.

During his teenage years he also delved into the old myths of his people and found obscure links to the Old Ones. Not long after he killed his first man. That fateful night as he cut into his victim flesh he discovered he could see into another dimension. The thin and fragile veil that covers our existence parted and revealed to him the Shadow Dimension, which he learned to use to travel unseen and cover large distances in mere heartbeats.
The Ancient Beings he meet in that sickly and dark dimension guided him from that day onward.

He honed and perfected his powers until only the most strong-willed individuals could even attempt to resist him. And resisting his commands or influence has dire consequences.

Later in life he left his mountainous home and roamed through Asia, the Middle East and Europe leaving a long trail of unsolved and cryptic murderers and an even larger trail of broken victims.

He is a rumor. A rumor that law enforcing agencies speak in ushed tones. Almost like a myth that they want to will not to be real. He is the serial killer known as The Black Goat

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Image of Black Goat
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