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Summary: An average all-American girl who shares her soul with a literal monster...

Olivia 'Livy' Warren/The Queen of Bones

Gender: Female

Age: 13/5500

Group: Users




Livy is, to put it bluntly, powerless. As a smallish thirteen year old she is literally at the mercy of those around her. But she is not the only being occupying her psyche. She is the anchor, to this place and time, of a much more powerful much more ancient being, a creature of amazing power and infinite bloodlust, an archaic goddess of death...

Caedes. The Queen of Bones.

Favourite Things

Livy enjoys Minecraft, Billie Eilish, being pescatarian, Instagram and Arlo, her border terrier.

The Queen of Bones enjoys the taste of human flesh, the anguished cries of her enemies, and the sound her claws make as they tear into living tissue.

Physical Appearance

Livy is a towheaded, blue-eyed child. She tends to dress in overalls and old concert tees, hoodies and Pumas.

The Queen of Bones is a prehistoric monster.

Personality and interests

Livy is kind and soft spoken. She tends to be overly polite and shy. Her concern for the well-being of other people is at times an issue and can get her into trouble. For all that she is strong willed and determined, otherwise she could not control the monster that dwells in her shared soul.

Caedes, the Queen of Bones, is an extremely violent being. Arrogant, savage, ruthless, cunning, merciless. Her only weakness is her anchoring to the human child Olivia Warren, whom she must protect at all costs if she wishes to remain on this plane of existence.


They called her Uggae whose name meant Death. She dwelt among the rocks and trees of the mountains and they brought to her sacrifices of their flocks, of their herds, and sometimes, of their families.

This pleased her, as did the sounds of their prayers and the burning of their fires. Often this was enough.

Often it was not.

So, in the dark of the new moon, she would enter the cities, the towns, the villages, the homes and hovels. And she would take one. Like a shadow with flashing teeth, she would drag one away, their screams filling the darkness to no avail.

She did this to keep their sacrifices large and healthy, to keep their prayers loud and their fires bright.

To keep them afraid.

Her power let her slip from soul to soul, always in command, always the Queen of Bones. Forever. Eternal. Immortal.

But time passed. Eons of it. And Uggae, now called Caedes whose name means Slaughter by the latins who now lived below her mountain where not as simple as those that had worshipped her generations before. Their sacrifices were pitiful. Their fires weak. Their prayers only murmers.

So as was her way, Caedes took one. A blond girl-child born of these new folk. She intended to give them fear. Instead she gave them purpose.

For weeks they hunted her across her mountain, hard men called Legionnaires who showed no fear when shoulder to shoulder with their brothers. She killed dozens, her claws red with their blood, her teeth claggy with their flesh.

But it was not enough. With the pilum in her flanks and their dogs at her heels, she was brought to bay and killed, her final act, even as the swords went in, was to send her soul untethered into the abyss.

There it drifted, broken and cold, for centuries.

Until one day...

A spark, a point of light, a harbor in the sea of dark...

Livy Warren.

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Image of Olivia 'Livy' Warren/The Queen of Bones
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