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Summary: A powerful, dark, evil book

The Book of Draken Axiti Ender

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Gender: It's a book

Age: A very ancient book

Group: Other


It was written all over the world, but was finished in the Black forest of Europe.


The power to use very dark, twisted spells and magic, summon demons of Draken, you know that stuff.

Favourite Things

It's a book. (Side note: I wanted to join but I also wanted the story to have gone, so is this okay to make a book as a character?)

Physical Appearance

A black leather covered book with yellowed paper, the symbol for pic is engraved into the cover.

Personality and interests

It's a book


The Book was written by the infamous Draken Axtiti Ender, a man who thought humans should have evolved through dark beings and demons, so he merged with 1,496,578 demons, thus he became a demon Lord, and due to him having a strong soul he took control. He created many types of magic, spells, creatures and demons. Draken used the book by means for his followers to have a way to continue his legacy, soon after he finished the book, Draken was banished to the void, a prison created by ancient gods by powerful beings. The Book has fallen in many hands, the words in the books will change languages for anyone who reads it to understand, but who every reads shall become corrupt, but one thing stands if anyone reads from the book, darkness and evil shall follow and corruption shall fall apoun the land.

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Image of The Book of Draken Axiti Ender
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