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Summary: Jocasta only needs one person in her life ... me ...

Jellybean The Ghost

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Gender: Female

Age: 13

Group: Users




Negation Field
Jellybean emits a powerful negation field neutralizing powers or supernatural phenomenon in her vicinity. It is so powerful it causes a warping in people's perception to glaze over her as if she didn’t exist. The only hint of her presence is the “haunted house feeling” where she causes people to feel uneasy as if there was a ghost in the room. Jellybean has no control over this power it is always “on”. The only person immune to this effect is Jocasta.
As a side effect, Jellybean has to be careful when interacting with an object in the presence of people aside from Jocasta as they will not see her but they will see a floating object.

Jellybean is a natural-born seer and to see events before they happen. Giving she had little no control over it they can be anything from crystal clear and to the point to vague and symbolic.

When in contact with her twin and taking the dominate role Jellybean, absorbs her twin's power (temporary and only while remaining in contact) she becomes psychokinetic.

Favourite Things

Jocasta, Books, Movies, Math, Pretty Parasols

Physical Appearance

Jellybean is an albino which affects the color of her skin and hair. She is very pale with straight, long white-blonde hair and red eyes. She is 4’11 and slight in build she is noticeably thinner than her twin. She burns easily in the sun.

Personality and interests

Jellybean is an intelligent mentally unwell girl. Her only human interaction has only ever been with Jocasta and as such has a very unhealthy attachment to her twin. She is highly possessive of her twin and is emotionally dependent having built her world around her relationship with her sister. As such Jellybean likes everything Jocasta dose, wears Jocasta hand me downs, plays any game Jocasta wants, always helps with her homework and tests. She will do anything for her and would do anything to keep her attention and affection.
Jellybean watches out for Jocasta and takes immediate violent action on anyone who hurts her. She also has a prankster streak taking full advantage of people's inability to acknowledge her existence.


Jocasta and JellyBean haven’t had a particularly easy life. Their father abandoned the family when the girls were five because, in his words, he couldn’t put up with the ‘weird shit’ that surrounded them.

It was around that time Jellybeans powers started to kick in. Slowly over time, she was forgotten by her mother until one day she had been totally forgotten. Even her real name has been forgotten since she was too young to remember it. Her sister at the time had not been able to pronounce it so her “baby name” Jellybean stuck as her name.

She status from a forgotten child to ghost/imaginary friend happened quickly and HATED it. Jellybean knew she was real, her sister knew she was real and she could understand why her sister's word wasn’t good enough. This lead to multiple tantrums to help Jocasta prove Jellybeans existent but only cemented Jocatas as the weird kid.

As a result, Jellybean lives in the shadow of her twin. She follows Jocasta everywhere because without her Jellybean has noone and is too afraid of something happening to Jocasta because she wasn’t there. As far as Jellybean is conserned they don’t need anyone but each other.

Their mother tried but turned to drugs as a way to cope and escape from her children. She’s still a chronic user, and the twins have learned to depend on each other more than the ‘adult’ in their life. Often staying out days or weeks at a time, the twins have unwittingly used their abilities to sustain themselves, often by ‘convincing’ the landlord to forgo the rent. They mean well, really.

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