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Summary: I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones.

Jocasta Rivera

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Gender: Female

Age: 13

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With a touch, Jocasta can read the history of an object “seeing” things from its perspective watching events much like a movie. The longer the goes back the more effort, time and concentration are needed. The more “active” a history an object has the longer it takes to sift through. This power is a bit laborious giving it like reading a giant dry book about the mundane life of someone.

Jocasta is a real telepath. Not the fun kind in the comics. Human minds don't organize themselves into neat little sentences that one can easily read. Its like oil floating in water. They float around break up and reform. Plus emotion coming about and influencing thinking makes for a chaotic mess! Even so Jocasta being born with this ability has given her enough practice to get a general idea of what people could be thinking but she honestly functions better as an empath. What Jocasta hasn’t realized is her ability allows her to alter people's feelings and even influence their thoughts. So far she has only done it on a subconscious level.
The only person immune to Jocasta’s telepathy is Jellybean. Everyone else is fair game.

When in contact with her twin, Jocasta gets the power of True Sight, but it’s a two way street - she can read anyone she looks at, but they’ll also be able to read her.

When in contact with her twin and taking the dominate role Jocasta absorbs her twin's power (temorary and only while remaining in contact) and gains the Sight.
Use of the Sight, sometimes also referred to as the "third eye", allows a Jocasta to gaze upon the world and see its supernatural side, allowing the perception of things hidden to the normal eye. What has been seen through the use of the Sight will remain a lasting memory forever, and will neither fade nor be forgotten. Because of this, she don't use it often, for it could easily drive her insane.
The Sight usually shows concepts physically, e.g. if a loved one had recently died, a person could have wounds similar to those of a sword, but in a way easily understood by Jocasta.
The Sight can breakthrough illusions can also be induced in mundane humans.
Recipients are subject to the same effects. Both parties get to See each other as they truly are.

Favourite Things

Jellybean, Math, Movies, Books

Physical Appearance

Jocasta has a condition known as Leucism, which affects the color of her skin and hair. Similar to Albinoism, she is very pale with straight, long patchy white/pale blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is 4’11 and slight in build. She burns easily in the sun

Personality and interests

Jocasta likes to read and go to the movies - decidedly indoor activities as she burns extremely easily in the sun. She finds it difficult to make friends, though this is largely in part because of her affiliation with “JellyBean” - who many of her peers relegate to an “imaginary friend.” JellyBean’s powers also create an uneasy feeling (though JoCasta is immune) thus making it even harder to forge friendships with anyone except JellyBean.


Jocasta and JellyBean haven’t had a particularly easy life. Their father abandoned the family when the girls were five because in his words, he couldn’t put up with the ‘weird shit’ that surrounded them. Their mother tried, but turned to drugs as a way to cope and escape from her children. She’s still a chronic user, and the twins have learned to depend on each other more than the ‘adult’ in their life. Often staying out days or weeks at a time, the twins have unwittingly used their abilities to sustain themselves, often by ‘convincing’ the landlord to forgo the rent. They mean well, really.

Jocasta is fiercely protective of her twin, and - as she is the only one JellyBean’s powers don’t affect, is often the outcast. Jocasta knows the girl is real, that she exists, and gets frustrated at the ignorance of anyone who says otherwise. Those around her that believe she really is mad, that JellyBean is a figment of her imagination, an imaginary friend or a spirit who haunts her. Jocasta’s odd appearance does nothing to help her popularity. She longs to be accepted by her peers, but at the same time refuses to leave JellyBean behind - or rather, JellyBean refuses to be left behind. It’s the only source of conflict between the girls. As a result, she’s often been the target of teasing and tormenting, but it hasn’t stopped her from trying to make friends.

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Image of Jocasta Rivera
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