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Summary: Mason is a collector of interesting items. how interesting are you?

Mason Green

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Gender: Male

Age: 41

Group: Humans




None. Highly trained field agent, specialising in the capture, containment and elimination of Users and related meta-natural phenomenon.

Favourite Things

Plays the guitar, smokes and drinks coffee. Loves a game of chess and reading old comic books.

Physical Appearance

6ft something he wears a dark grey suit and a matching homburg. His hair is short cut above steal grey eyes and a scar that runs from the bottom of his right eye down his cheek.

Personality and interests

Mason lives for his work. He had a dry sense of humour and an unshakeable sense of duty. He does not believe in good or evil, seeing them as mostly irrelevant. He believes in the truth, not so much in the telling of it but the owning of it. The true currency of the world is truth.


Mason is a field agent for the foundation. His history is classified. To the public he is a project insurance underwriter for S & C Plastics, a global front company for his true employers.

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Image of Mason Green
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