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Summary: A rich user supporter

Dr. Frank Stein II

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: Humans




He is skilled in genetics, biotechnology, and a owner of a large corporation know as Stein Corp. He is a large supporter to users and has his own private army

Favourite Things

Users, to learn, gain more knowledge, and pizza

Physical Appearance

The pic, 7'4, skinny, usually wears a white suit white suit with a white tie, and has a surgical mask to cover his mouth, which is horribly scarred by an incident

Personality and interests

Calm, logical, will have huge nerd moments and hates people that think they stand higher than everyone else.


Frank comes from a long line of geniuses of biological and biotechnology advances, due to this he inherited the family corporation and wealth. While he was explaining to a group of users that their power might actually come from centuries ago and was dormant until now. They were attacked by an anti-user group, he frankly took a shot in the mouth from a sniper rifle. That day he was saved by the users. Ever since than, he saw that they weren't demons, nor were they cursed. They were just gifted human beings, just like how his family was with knowledge. Ever since than he is one of the biggest user supporters.

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Image of Dr. Frank Stein II
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