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Crystal Carter

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

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Crystal has the ability to freeze anything she touches. She can also create structures of ice, for example, walls.

Favourite Things

Crystal enjoys ice skating, reading particularly adventure and science fiction books and meeting new people.

Physical Appearance

Crystal is about five feet tall. She weighs about 100 pounds. She has pail skin ice blue eyes and bright red hair. She usually where's a simple dress and has a necklace with a snowflake on it.

Personality and interests

Crystal is calm and repetitively quiet. She does enjoy meeting new people; she does not trust easily. However, once she makes a friend, she will do everything she can to protect them.


Crystal was your every day high school student that is until she discovered her powers. She accidentally froze an entire gym. Fearing what might happen to her and her family if she stayed, she ran away from home and has been ruining ever seance.

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