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Summary: I like you. I bet you have exquisite taste.

Lucifer Hyden

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Corrupted




At will or when under great stress, morphs into a hulking creature.
Has limited control over his other form when in a rage, leading to massacres.
Is able to traverse wilderness with ease, a mix of skill and the Beasts senses, and can command beasts close to him. This ability works for most small creatures, but takes more effort for other Alpha creatures (Lions, Tigers, Bears, etc) and naturally stubborn creatures (Wild horses, most apes, cats).
Higher regeneration as the Beast, as well as heightened senses.

Favourite Things

Colder weather

Physical Appearance

Human-See Pic, is physically built though appears lanky

The Beast- To most it appears as the mythical Wendigo, standing 2 meters at the shoulder with lean but powerful muscles holding up a deer like head. Large horns looking like antlers appear from its skull, wielding deadly spikes.
It walks on all fours, giving off the vague appearance of an ape as its hind limbs are shorter than the front, allowing a limited ability to stand upright.

Personality and interests

Going by his last name, Hyden can appear very relaxed at times, making people comfortable around him.
In reality, he is barely containing a seething hatred for humans and their prejudice of those gifted such as himself.
Although not the smoothest talker, he is bold and direct in his actions.
He has long forgotten his birth name, Hyden being the last name of one of his first victims, while Lucifer was kept as a reminder of his father’s last words to him, “Begone, vile spawn of Lucifer!”


Born to an Inuit tribe, Hyden enjoyed a normal life until he began his transformations at the start of puberty. When he was found out by his people, they branded him a demon and cast him out, not willing to kill a child and hoping he would die in the wilds.
During his travels as an exile, he began hearing about the changes in the world, the harm and humiliation placed on those like himself. This enraged him and in his mid teens began taking that anger out on humans. It started with those that had treated him harshly during his traveling, then it became anyone that did not have powers.
He now hunts where the Beast takes him, reveling in the pain and fear he inflicts on those that claim to be superior.

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Image of Lucifer Hyden
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