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Summary: A mad member of the Cult of Draken

Avian Dunsticth

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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Corrupted




Merged with a bone demon- Can have bone armour appear a round him, have bone claws on hands and feet, jaw will be covered in hard bony teeth and has a long bony tail with a spike on the end and uses it like a scorpion. He transform from looking like a normal human to his bone demon form.

Favourite Things

Draken- His master
The Cult of Draken

Physical Appearance

The pic, 6'4 in height

Personality and interests

He is very charismatic, seems like a perfectly nice guy and trustworthy, but in reality he is a cold blooded kill who thinks the humans should evole and become users or die.


Avian was once a normal human, unlike most people, he liked users and thought they were cool. Than one day, he was captured by the Cult of Draken and they merged him with a bone demon, three things could have happened, one he died, two becomes a users by the force of this spell, or three it will turn him into a corrupted. He survived, but was safe, he became corrupted and thought that all humans should have this happen to them. So he goes around killing anti users and kidnapping user friendly to do the same thing they did to him.

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Image of Avian Dunsticth
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