This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Among Us is a twisted psychological horror themed game with superhero elements.

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General Information on current affairs

The Watson Edict
UN sanctioned binding law approved unanimously by all chartered nations of the world on May 5th, 2042. The Law was brought to vote by the then Head of the Security Council, President Charles Watson. Due to government and public opinion pressure it was passed and approved in the wake of Rio de Janeiro's Bloodshed Hour, where thousands of humans lost their lives to a group of Corrupted Users.
Under the Watson Act, all Users are required to register with their local law enforcement authorities.
Any User deemed a threat to society if found to abuse the use of their gifts can be detained if possible and/or killed.
Under the Watson Law all Users have slowly seen their civil rights eroded and many are not only seen as threats but as second class citizens.
*National variations of the Watson Law are in effect in line with country of origin legislation.
**The travel of known Users across country lines is hugely restricted.

Fiftavex is a drug meant for Users. It suppresses powers so Users can "more easily fit into society". In reality, the drug is for the United Nations to more easily control and identify Users. One must go through a test for activity in the brain to first determine they are a User before they can be administered the drug.

Side effects include corruption in some Users, rendering them more dangerous and into Corrupted, and can cause rage or schizophrenia is some very rare cases.

Great North
A powerful organised crime syndicate that relies heavily on controlling the food supply for the country from behind the scenes.

The underground Users civil rights movement spreading across the globe. Originally from the southern states, they use twisted methods to fight for the freedom and civil rights of the Users around the world.

NUPA : Non-User People's Alliance

Founded in 2043, the Non-User People's Alliance is an organization that drives through war to break the government's hold on users. By killing them all.

Apollo Task Force

The team brought in when a situation is far past control. They are a team of user granted the license to kill. Where they go, death follows.

Elena Tonaska

The current president of the United States. Enacted the Apollo Task Force after she was elected.

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