A Beasts Territory Pt.1

They had an odd scent, these cultists. Hyden could plainly see they had powers, but the usually thick scent of a User seemed... watered down.
What are they?
He couldn’t think of an answer, leaving the Beast in silence as he stalked a group of them.
Three men and a woman, each armed with various small arms. This made it clear they were largely untrained, relying on their powers.
”They have abilities, but something is off about them.”
The group began tearing a part the shacks that lined an alley, the homeless and druggies that owned them either attempting to flee or defend their little piece of misery.
They fell quickly, one member creating markings with the victims blood and chanting.
Hyden felt it too, an unnerving energy that surrounded each ritual. They were not here for a simple turf war.
However, now was not the time to study them. For while they had their own agenda, they had made the situation a turf war.
Another howl of agony did not bring concern to the cultists, they merely thought it was more of their brethren nearby.
“I had not expected to be joined by others. Samuel, go greet them.”
One of the men nodded at the woman, wiping his hands of the fresh blood and quickly walking to the source of the commotion.
They waited for a time, soon growing impatient with what should have been a simple relay of information. Before they moved to investigate the silence, a shape moved in the shadows.
“Samuel? Who is it that joins us?”
The voice that responded sounded like Samuel’s, but had a harsh rasp to it now.
“Some of these lowlifes killed our brethren, I fought them off but they are close. Help!”
It was almost childish how quickly they rushed to their comrades aid, following the figure through the alleys with blind conviction.
Turning a final corner, the Beast took pleasure in swiping the first cultists head off, the momentum of their charge making it all too easy.
The other two stopped immediately at the sight, pressing their backs together and quickly scanning their surroundings.
“You dare oppose Drakens chosen? Show yourself and embrace our lords embrace!”
Spoken with conviction, the rapid breath and thick sweat betrayed the fear.
The Beast drank in the sweet aroma, its bony jaws salivating at the feast before it.
Feed my friend

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