A Beasts Territory pt.2

The lesser cultists provided little resistance to the Beasts rage, though it had witnessed the potential of their powers. One cultist had narrowly missed him with an almost liquid wall of earth, while another escaped his grasp using wild shots of fire to deter the Beast.
Inexperienced all of them.
All that mattered was that his little slice of the city remained his. Any challenger would either meet the wits of Hyden, or the claws of the Beast.
While he hunted for further invasions, he took note of the victims. They were gone and more concerning was that the Beast couldn't get a scent.
What do you mean you can't smell anything? You have been tracking these imbeciles for hours now.
The two had been arguing, the Beasts thin patience worn thin as he howled in frustration.
Hyden had been thinking of this odd occurrence with more depth than his bestial friend. The only person here that could come and go with no trace was his mysterious ally. With the evidence presented to him, it made sense that the two were connected.
Lets go. I think we gave them the right message.
The Beast whined, but relented and took off towards their shack.
While this excuse was enough to get the Beast to call of his hunt, Hyden knew they would be back.

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