Ava pulled up to the old shop. It was a niche little vanity, with windows of fine glass and door frames of sturdy oak.

Outside stood another mob. Protesters. God she hated the protesters. They mocked her, and fellow users, out of something as pitiful as fear.


She flashed her badge, which, did emote that she was a user, and was met with booing , but nonetheless, they moved aside, peacefully but with hatred in their hearts.

She opened the door, and was almost immediately met by her boss, Glenn Harris. Glenn was a stocky short man, but he was a damn good policeman. She had looked up to him since she joined the force last year.

She had been too of her class, but was not ever given that recognition because of her status as a User. They used her more as a hunting dog then an officer, but if it meant she got to serve justice and keep unknowns safe, it was fine by her.

-"Hey Renny, get your ass in there. I've been waiting a good fourty minutes for you to show. Now be a good dog and fetch me that crim."

She hated that nickname. Renny. Ugh. It suited more a dog than a woman, although with this day and age a user was a close second to man's best friend.

Moving into the fitting room, it wasn't a pretty sight. Another suicide.

"Self induced... No signs of struggle..." She paused. The writing on the mirror caught her attention. "But gosh, those are some bold words for a dead man. 'No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold, nothing satisfies Me but your Soul.'."

The first thing she caught was the capitalization of 'Me'. Who was this Me, so important? Who is having their soul 'taken'? Only time would tell. She shrugged off the questions for now and completed her report.

She kept thinking to herself though, What of it is part of a bigger picture, but I've only just gotten the first couple pieces? How did it feel? Death? Inviting?

No. That was crazy talk. She needed her meds. That and a long nap.

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