No Place Like Home Part 2

Jellybean plopped into a chair and dramatically flopped on to the table he forehead making a thumping noise against the cheap wood. “Unbelievable.” She huffed. “Small blessings but no frozen burritos that's for sure. Were going to have to do something … dunno what but … something.” Even the cheap easy food needed to be warmed at least. “At least the rent is paid … right?” She wouldn’t have left without paying the rent. Again.

As if to answer Jellybean, there was a knock on the door of the apartment.

“Rivera? I gave you plenty of time. Rent. Let’s go, pay up. “

Jocasta looked to her sister, the two girls being as quiet as mice hoping he went away. He banged on the door again and Jocasta could hear him messing with keys, trying to find the right one.

“We aren’t supposed to use it,” she thought outloud, with a frown. Each time they used their abilities, they ran the risk of someone finding out. “What do we do, JellyBean?”

Jellybean gave a mournful lool toward the door. “This is the second or third time … he’s going to notice eventually.” It wasn’t a no but this game could only go on so far before the proverbial house of cards collapsed. “What choice do we have? 20 bucks won’t cover the rent no matter how you slice it.”

They could hear the jingle of keys and the sound of there landlord inserting the keys to unlock the deadbolt.

“Last time.” Jocasta decided, unlocking the door, and opening it with a smile. She felt the itch in the back of her brain as she smiled up to the landlord.

“Mr. Carter!” She exclaimed. “So good to see you. Listen-- about that rent… we paid in cash, remember? We’re all caught up?” She could feel the ‘push’ behind her words, and sure enough, they took effect. “We’re all caught up.”

“Oh right, you’re all caught up.” The Landlord repeated shaking his head. “You did pay in cash, sorry I forgot, having a hell of day.” He said running a meaty hand through his hair.

A smile crept across Jocasta’s lips as a light went off in her head. Shit, in for a penny in for pound right? “And you want to bring us a pizza as an apology.” She stated with a broad grin.

Jellybean perked as if the dinner bell went nearly falling out of her chair in excitement. “Omigodomigodomigooooooooooooooooowdhotpizza. HOT PIZZA.” She screeched jumping up and down.

Jellybean’s actions of course went unnoticed by the landlord, but in 30 minutes, that’s exactly what they had. “Tomorrow…” Jocasta decided near scalding her mouth on molten cheese and loving it, “We do something about the lights.”

Jellybean red eyes were huge as she squeaked over the gooey cheese string as she took a slice. It took every ounce of will power not to jam it strain into her drool maw. She blew on it gently before taking a toe-curling bite. The albino couldn’t help but sigh chewing on was had to be the greatest pizza pie ever. “It’s everything I imagined it to be …” She hummed. “... Yo-Yo you have, hands down, the best power ever!”

Once Jellybean finally stopped cooing over her slice she grinned at her twin. “So … what’s the plan for tomorrow?” She asked grinning ear to ear.

“Tomorrow JellyBean?” Jocasta said, her belly full and slightly aching, “You’re gonna do what you do - We’re gonna get the money to turn the lights back on and then some.”

“Sounds fun.” Jellybean said impishly stretching out in her chair. “Is it bad I stopped feeling bad about pick pocketing?” She asked with an arched eyebrow. They didn’t go and drain an account after all they just took what they needed. And it helped no one could see her so they didn’t need special equipment to skip the Pin numbers on debit cards … could just watch. The perks of being forgotten.

“No, it was worse when you *did* feel bad about it.” Jocasta snickered before her voice took a more serious tone. “Sucks though. If Mom could give half a damn about either of us, wouldn’t need to.” It was much easier for her to go out and get high all the time, easier to forget you had twins with pale skin and weird abilities. Hell, she’d all but ignored Jellybean entirely. “Maybe she’ll come back around.”

Jellybean gave a little frustrated huff. “She would have to want to stick around in the first place.” She said in a bitter tone. “I don’t think she ever will.” The albino said in a lower sadder tone. Fact was Jellybean expected that one day the women she tentatively called Mom would just stop showing up. Might they be sad? Sure. Would they move on? Yes. In a way that would make things easier. At least they wouldn’t be sitting by the door like dogs waiting for master to come home.

“She does.” Jocasta said with the slightest bit of loyalty left for their mother. “Want to stick around. It’s just hard, I mean, we’re not easy. With Dad leaving and all, it’s a lot for her. I’ll try again when she gets home, to help her get better. One of these times, it’s gotta work.”

“Not easy.” Jelly bean snorted. “Right because we … sorry … you ask for so much. A little food, some clothing every so often hell … how about a hug? Did she even say ‘I love you’ before she just ran out the door for who knows how long. Did she even say when she would be back? Oh and then forgot to pay the bill so we can’t even cook … so we have steal money from OTHER people …” She said winding herself up into a tirade.

“It’s not her, JellyBean, that’s what drugs do. If I could just push her enough to stop using them, she’d go back to being herself.”

“No … she does drugs because of ME.” Jelly said with cold resentfulness. “Same reason Dad left … same reason you get bullied …” She wasn’t stupid. Jelly was aware that were she not around like for her sister and mother might of actually been tolerable. Just … how could she? How could anyone expect her too? How was that fair? What about what Jellybean wanted.

“Don’t say that.” Jocasta chastised. “It’s not because of you. Dad left because he never shoulda been a dad in the first place. And I get bullied because… look at me.” She flipped her pale hair for emphasis. “Just… don’t talk like that.”

“I won’t but doesn't make it less true.” Jellybean mumbled but dropped the subject. “Afterschool? We’ll hit the nice places? Like Wah Wah or Quickcheck?”

“And we’ll get Slush puppies, the blue kind.” Jocasta promised. “Why don’t we ditch school tomorrow outright? I don’t want any flak from the football team. We’ll give ourselves a long weekend.”

Oh that was tempting. Oh so tempting and …

“YES!” Jellybean squeaked crumbling under the promise of slush puppies. ~I’m so weak! But Slush puppies … so worth it!~ Besides it was a good idea. After the crap today some away time from it all would be nice.

“Done deal…. One more slice, and then--” Jocasta sighed, the apartment was already getting dark with the sun setting and all. “I guess… we go to bed early tonight.”

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