Baggage - Part 2

Freezing to death sounded like a bad plan, not that they had much of ANY plan. “Maybe we should head somewhere… warm year-round, just in case.” There was a huge knot forming in the 13-year-old’s stomach as her entire life was being turned inside out. Running away? Sure Jellybean could score cash, but where were they going to stay? “The duffel is under mom’s bed.” Jocasta said half-heartedly.

“Ah!” Jellybean said brightly going to what was probably the least used room in the entire trailer. “Found it!” She could out proudly returning with the duffle in hand. Jellybean plopped down next to Jocasta.

“Okay, whats wrong? Cold feet? You're making ‘the face’.” She nudged her twin.

“The coldest.” Jocasta admitted. “I know why we have to go, but where are we going to live? I can’t pass for 18. You aren’t worried? Not even just the littlest?”

“We’ll go anywhere you want Yo-Yo. I get it. I know it’ harder for you.” Jellybean admitted. “No, I’m not worried. Your the only one who knows I exist, the only one who’s looked out for me. No one in the world knows or even cares. I’m okay if you're with me no matter what.” She explained. “This hasn’t been a home for the longest time, just a place we stayed with someone who happened to share genetic material with. The fact is, we’ve been taking care of ourselves for a long time now … so us leaving, how is it going to be any different? Same situation different scenery right? Just no Mom crashing and forgetting to pay the rent … or electric bill … or forgetting to buy groceries …” She listed.

“You know I’d never leave you Jellybean!” Jocasta said, giving her sister a hug which she needed herself, The act instantly making her feel better, even if the hug itself was short lived. “This has been a home because we were both here together. You’re right, we’ll find somewhere, or lots of somewheres. And-- we won’t have to deal with the likes of Andrew, that’s a bonus. Open road, right? It’ll be an adventure.”

“Right! We can go see the whole US if you want! Then when you wana settle and find a cozy home we will! Somewhere warm all year round!” Jellybean promised. “I just want us to be happy … I just don’t think we’ve been happy here for a while now.”

Jocasta took one look back. There was the table with the wobbly base where they used to do homework, splitting assignments in half and sharing answers. The end table where Jellybean bumped her head playing the floor is lava and Jocasta spent all night making sure it wasn’t a concussion using a first aid book that was probably older than the trailer itself. The couch where they huddled to stay warm nights when the heat was turned off, looking forward to the bus picking them up for school so their fingers and toes would sting less. The kitchen where Jellybean tried to make soup out of scraps when Jocasta came down with a cold. They both agreed dishwater would have been more appetizing. No, they might not have all been good memories, but they were their memories. “Not… really.” She admitted. “Let’s just go.” Like ripping off a band-aid or jumping into a lake with both feet. She could find a reason to stay, but now wasn’t the time for it. Now was the time to move on, it was the only way she could guarantee that she wouldn’t be split up from Jellybean. “Let’s go.”

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