Jocasta & Jellybean - Intro Pt. 1

“You can’t borrow my red sweatshirt.” Jocasta protested as she walked down the hall, shifting her shoulders to make her backpack straps more comfortable. A sea of kids parted the hallway to make room. Seemingly, she was talking to herself -- make that arguing with herself, loudly at that. “Because! Look at how you returned my white shirt. Seriously, why would you wear white to eat spaghetti?”

To anyone else, it might have looked like the thirteen year old was on the phone, but from the animated way she spoke, but it soon became very clear that wasn’t the case.

“Right, right. Ugh, stupid backpack - hold this for me a sec?” She held out the notebook she’d cradled next to her chest and let go. Rather than fall to the floor, the notebook floated alongside her! With her hands free, she could better adjust the tabs on her pack to a shorter length. “Much better.” She said, holding her hand out for the binder again. “So what do you think we should have for…. Hey!”

She stepped protectively to her left as Andrew and his football goons came sauntering down the hall. “Watch it. You almost bumped into JellyBean!”

“Fuck you, Buffy.” He shot back. “There’s no one there. Just your imaginary freak friend.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Jocasta protested. “Buffy was a vampire slayer not a vampire. Spike was a vampire. And don’t be calling my sister imaginary OR freak, Andrew.”

“Whatever Q-Tip. You and Casper can just fuck off. Freaks.” He shoved Jocasta towards an opened locker catching her off balance. His friends sniggered or outright laughed like it was the funniest thing ever.

“You shouldn’t do that.” Jocasta warned. “JellyBean doesn’t like it when you and your friends are mean to us.”

“What is JellyBean going to do?” He taunted. “Imagine kicking my ass? Tell Jelly Bean I’m gonna do the school a favor, save anyone who just ate from seein’ your ugly white Chicano face so they don’t puke.” Jocasta fought him back as the boy tried to shove her completely - backpack and all - into the locker!

“Quit it!” She protested. “JellyBean, wait!”

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