Exodus II

Gunshots rang out over the city. Tasers took down unruly rioters. The guards had been given full permission to shoot. President Tonaska had given the order five minutes ago. The Apollo Squad had been thrown into the fire, a specialized User task force for containing rebellion by any means necessary. They fought against the riot with powers, slaughtering innocents as the crowd dispersed. They were highly distinguishable, with their explosive collars to prevent disobedience. The Apollo squad was every humans worst nightmare. They were only brought out in dire straits, when they left everything around them was painted red.

That's when it got bad. Ava watched as the User hating group , the NUPA, or Non-User People's Alliance, bring in their armored cars, plowing through the fences. This was now a battle. A direct attack on the Fidelli House. They wouldn't leave until the inhabitants were dead. Ava's phone rang.

"Ava!? Where the absolute Fuck are you?! We've got reports of attacks all across the city!"

She looked down at the streets.

"The melody of chaos is below."

"Ava? What the hell are you talking about?"

She snapped out of it.

"Nothing. I'll check it out."

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