Time pass, The Cult rises

*Back when Stein has taken Crystal.*
Stein checked if the girl was okay at the hotel, and put her to rest, he had one of his bodyguards watch her, he left her a note, "Please stay in this room, Sorry for what happened last night, I'll be back later, please be nice to the guard, Herald. From Dr. Stein." Stein decided to go talk to Ava, and apologize for leaving her back like that. He heard something giggle behind him when he was walking through an alley, than it attacked.
*Present time, police station.*
Stein walked into the station, he had stab wounds all over his body, he was trying to cover a giant gash on the side of his stomach. Many people watched as he walked in, he walked to the front desk, " I need to speak to Ava, Officer Ava." The lady looked at him in shock, " You need to see a doctor, I'll get an ambulance on the way, sir ple-" He raised his hand, "I'll be fine, I need to tell Officer Ava something important." He shuffled to a seat and plopped down on it. He coughed up a tiny bit of blood. Outside the station , some of the people waiting outside the station had pitch black eyes and symbols of Draken tattooed on their bodies. The Book of Draken has awakened the Cult of Draken, a dark time is surely coming. Stein looked outside, "Damn Demonic freaks waiting for me."

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