Herald looked at Crystal, "You call yourself a monster? Than if that's the case, Stein is a devil to help us." Herald let out a laugh, "Sorry, I might not seem like it, but I'm a User as well." He waved his hand, it turned into steel. "I can change my body to steel and morph it, Stein found me in a homeless shelter. He help me get to my feet, he got me a job, thanks to him I met my wife and had a lovely daughter. Stein helps us because we aren't demons, angels, or monsters. We're humans, his dream is for everyone to be equal again as it was so long ago." Herald changed his hand back, "So you have nothing to worry about."
Stein used the police phone to call Ava, "Please pick up, please. Come on, come on." The police decided to watch outside for anyone the seem suspicious that might have attacked the man using their phone. "Ava, I have important info, Sorry about last night." He was totally guessing if she would answer.

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