Loose Ends Part I

The city seemed like such a good idea. The theory was that with all those people, no one would notice two thirteen year olds. The girls concocted a story about homeschooling if anyone accused them of being truant, but in reality no one in the city asked, and they were all too happy to not volunteer information. It was to a small extent, Jocasta rationalized, almost like being Jellybean. Even so, they tried to lay low during the day.

For Jellybean it was just another day. The idea of being less than anonymous was in a city full of people who went wholly unnoticed giving it was a constant. There just now more people to avoid on the street.

“I heard someone talking about a shelter for users.” Jellbean said suddenly out of the blue. It sounded like it was out of the blue but it had been something that had been rattling in the albinos head for some time. She always looked out for her twin and the girl had reason while they may not be able to stay in a shelter Jelly could sneak in and grab a steaming hot meal for them from the kitchens right? That was the plan she was hoping to present at least.

“Shelter may be quick to call the cops, seeing as we’re “runaways.” Jocasta replied, using air quotes. “Runaway user? That’s just more bang for their buck. We can find an ATM, hit up someone using it and maybe grab some fast food if you’re hungry. I got a bad feeling.”

"I didn't mean we go in." Jelly said quickly. "Just me sneaking in … get some super nice hot foot. I can probably get you in we can have a nice warm dry place to sleep for the night. Just a though. I figure you might like a place that cozy." She said cheerfully. Jellybean felt only a little bad having her sister all to herself. No pretending, no making her feel bad talking "to the air". Just a bit of something normal for Jellybean. "Really … what's the worst that could happen?”

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