Loose Ends Part 2

The first raindrop landed on the tip of Jocasta’s nose, and a few others were starting to follow. “Warm and dry sound pretty good” Jocasta admitted. Her growling stomach chimed in to agree that it too thought hot food would be a good idea. In fact, as they made their way down winding streets and the rain picked up, it started to seem like a great idea until the commotion.


“The hell?” Jocasta asked. Police were out in full force, and people with signs chanted and threw whatever they could find towards a brick building, while others were fighting the police to get through. Jocasta grabbed Jellybean’s arm, not just to keep from being separated but for moral support at the scene unfolding. Terrified people were watching from the windows of the tall building, when a bottle lit on fire went sailing through the window, and the flames quickly spread.

“Death to the users!” Someone else shouted, darting past Jocasta and Jellybean in the alleyway.

Jellybean stood dumbfounded at the scene unfolding before her. "Holy shit I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK! This was an awful idea?!" She screeched.

That's when she saw people starting to kill each and some one was turned into a human shish kabob with a vine! A VINE! "We should go! They’re fucking murdering each other on the god-damned street." Jellybean unable to get any paler as she clung to her sister.

Jocasta stood frozen, her light eyes growing wider as sight, true sight of what was in front of them clouded her vision. She swung her eyes towards the figure in the bunny mask as a beer bottle crashed near their feet. Jocasta turned her head to lock eyes with the thrower, gritting her teeth with what she saw. The sirens, the noise started fading into the background as she sifted through the man’s past as to what led him to where he was.

Jellybean blink as soon as her sister turned stuff like a wood doll. "Yo-yo? Hey? You okay? Yo?" Jellybean said growing more and more concerned. "Hey … come one snap out of it." She said gently shaking her sister. "Yo-yo?"

“I wish he believed me that it was an accident.” Jocasta said cryptically. “He’s afraid.”The sound of two cars colliding nearby brought Jocasta back to her senses, and she let go of Jellybean’s arm. “Go! We need to go!”

Jellybean felt sick. Vines started shot toward the man Yo-yo has so keen focused on. Wrapping angrily around his mom's and start ripping him apart. The pair was so far away but Jelly was sure she could hear the ripping sound of meal like a bitch ripped up chicken meat. His part when thuding to ground as of an Angel child throwing a tantrum would with the exception of blood and organs spraying and flopping onto the ground.

"No wonder they hate us …" Jellybean said in a tiny voice tugg her sister away. She didn’t want to stay. She didn’t want them to be next. They looked strange enough and that was all anyone needed now a days. Not worth the risk.

Jocasta’s throat was tight, her stomach in a knot, her eyes wide with horror as Jellybean tugged on her arm. She agreed with her sister- they had to get the hell out of there. The girl’s turned to run - sneakers sloshing through puddles as they double backed the way they came.

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