Jocasta & Jellybean - Intro Pt. 2

Andrew gave out a sudden yell falling over holding his groin. He twisted and turn trying to guard himself from something as thudding noise repeated emanated from him. He was reting curling up in the fetal position crying out as the invisible assault continued.

Lockers starting flying open and their contents dumped out into the hallway! The teens screamed and all started running like panicked gazels with a Lion chasing them. Of course only one person knew who and what that Lion was.

She was holding Jocasta hand howling with laughter.

“The lockers were a nice touch.” Jocasta admitted with a giggle. She tilted her head downwards and towards an open locker as to not make eye contact with anyone while JellyBean held onto her arm. “Maybe a little overkill. But I don’t think they’ll mess with us again.”

Jellybean had a wide grin satisfied watching the mice scurry away. “They better not.” She said with a tsk watching Andrew limp away as fast as he could. “You would think they might of learned by now.” She tilted her head.

“Oh! So about the red sweater …” Jelly said giving her sister a goofy grin.

“The answer is still no!” Jocasta laughed as the two girls made their way to the busses.

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