Fear - I

Ava sat outside of the café. It was late. She had a small bit of blood on her boots, but the owners here knew she was a crime scene dog, and often got dirty. She had been sitting there since she tore those men apart. She looked down at her hands. She was a monster for what she did to those people. Sure they didn't need to be killed, but that was the only way at the time she could think of keeping the users in the Fidelli House safe.

She used her vines to drop off the cup back at the counter as she left the small eatery. She didn't even notice that the vines she kept around her torso now. She had them also wrapped around her head like a flowery torse. The flowers distracted people from the small crimson drops scattered about their veridian colouring.

She was walking down the alleyway when her phone rang. It was Trish.

"Hey Trilly, what's up?" She asked into the phone, half asleep.

"Hey babe. Just wondering if you're coming home tonight. I'm headed off to bed."

Ava totally had forgotten about home. She wasn't really too worried about it right now.

"Yeah, I'll be home in a short bit. Later babe, love ya."

"Bye Vee, see you soon."

She hung up, but just before she could out her phone away she got another call.

"Hey Ava, it's Harris. It's probably just because you were here, but try to put your gloves on."

"What do you mean, Harris? I'm out right now."

Harris stuttered with the words on the other end of the line.

"Oh, it's probably nothing, but they just found your DNA on the vic."

Ava hung up as fast as non suspiciously possible.
"Fuck. Alright. Got that now too."

"Every beast has it bite, Ava."

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