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Herald smiled at Crystal, "He is okay, he is at home, suffering from cold feet." He snorted at his own joke, "Sorry about that, anyways have a name kid? I don't want to be rude and keep calling you girl."
Stein sat and waited for Ava to answer or even show up. Nothing, than a group of six men walked inside, all wearing sunglasses so dark you couldn't see their eyes. One of the grabbed Stein, another walked to the desk, "Sorry to trouble you, we are from the commodity of special care, this man has paranoia and amnesia, he thinks he's Dr. Stein from Britain, we will take him back to his home. Have a good day. Stein struggled to get away but two more grabbed him and carried him away, "No not like this! Someone stop them, they are corrupted, they aren't what they seem!" He yelled as they put him in a car and drive off.
Avian had gather all the info on Ava, he could see why Stein trusted her, a User who wants to make humans and users work together. Avian watched from outside the scene of the shelter, the protesters were pissing him off. " We should kill them " Avian smiled, "Not yet old friend, their time will come, if they don't wish to evoke than so be it." Avian sat their before finally he got tired of it and jumped on a car and blown his air horn, the protesters got quite,"People people, please calm down. I know this looks bad but you should know, this was a shelter for users, it seems these peek attacked them, now before you protest again, think of what you would have done if someone attacked you at your home, you would fight back, maybe with a knife or a gun, the users just happened to use their powers right? The police might say one thing, but trust me when I say they lie, just as they kill a random innocent person just to frame them. Now for users that are around us, I have a program so that you can control your powers and no do things like this, if anyone would like to come raise your hand."

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