OOC - Questions about setting

Hey Star before I start posting I just wanted to have a better feel for the current setting.

On the game info post you say the government has declared Users less than Human.
Are we taking world government here, the vast majority of countries or just one specific one? And which one?
Does this mean they loose all rights? Or which ones on specific?

Also does the government and police have ways technological or otherwise to track and find Users?
So is it a question of them getting a tip that someone has powers and investigate it, like for instance someone seen and reported using powers or something more concrete and with proper due process?

I am assuming that no User would use their powers in public unless corrupted or if they could not help it but otherwise if the Law means they have no rights Users would be careful not to reveal themselves?
And that also society at large hates and distrust their kind?

Let me know. :-)

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