Herald looked at Crystal, "He will be fine, the man is a fighter. Trust me, plus the ones he should be afraid of is not Anti users, but corrupted, who might try and turn him into one of their puppets." He looked at her, "Thankfully, he has not caught any of their attentions."
In an abandoned factory, The Cult of Draken have tied up Stein's arms, and had him hanging by his arms. They have taken off his shirt and carved the symbol of Draken on his chest. One member walks up to him and takes off Stein's mask, revealing his scared face. His mouth has a round opening showing his jaw bone, which had small round holes in it. "Hmm, you would fit right in the cult. The motives, your thought process, and the looks. Once we find the book, we will merge you with one of our best demons." Stein looked up at the member and spat in her face. "I rather die." She smirked and walked away from him, "Well that is an option, but we hope you don't pick it during the merging process." All but two members left him alone, the other two guarded him, armed with ak-47s.

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