Gimme Shelter - Part 2

Jocasta’s foot found another puddle, the rainwater soaking through to her bare skin and her shoulders slumped further. Their packs were weighed down with the soggy sleeping bags. Cold, wet, tired, hungry and worst of all, scared of whatever it was that was wearing a bunny mask in the heart of the city. From the side of her eye she saw Jellybean shiver too, which was the straw that broke her back. Jellybean was just as cold, wet and miserable, but trying her damndest not to show it. As a set of headlights appeared, Jocasta turned and held out her thumb. If they were lucky, someone, anyone would stop, and at least they’d be in a warm car for a bit.

Jellybean was starting to feel useless again. Being the cheerleader was hard but Jocatasta had the raw deal of dealing with people solo. Normally Jelly would be the voice of caution and anxiety in Jocatstas ear but right now she was as desperate for being warm and out of the rain as much as Jocasta and if that ment jumping in a stranger car for a spell then so be it! The seemed to perk and sigh with relief when the car pulled over. ‘Please don’t be a serial killer … sunshine and sprinkles … sunshine and fucking rainbow sprinkle!’

When the window rolled down to reveal a kindly grandmotherly face seemed to instantly put Jelly at ease. She couldn’t help but lean in a little feeling a waft of warm air escaping from the window.
“Mercy me, you’re soaked straight to the bone!” the driver exclaimed as she unlocked the door. “Get in, get in quick, before you catch your death!” Jocasta opened the back door, letting Jellybean slide in first, but the driver protested. “I’m not a taxi. Come.” She leaned over, opening the front door. “You’ll be closer to the heat!” Jocasta balked, it wouldn’t really be fair to her sister, but Jellybean in response pulled the back door closed, signaling it was okay. Sliding in next to the kindly woman who immediately turned the heat onto the full setting. “Poor thing! Do your parents know where you are?”

“Things.” Jocasta insisted. “Jellybean and me. She’s in the backseat.”

“I see…” Said the woman, although she didn’t. “Well, hello, Jellybean,” she humored.

“Our parents are out of town. We’re supposed to be staying with our Aunt, but she has company tonight.” She tried not to make it sound as rehearsed as it was. “She’s not exactly responsible. Thank you for picking us up though.”

“Nonsense, nonsense, no good deed goes unpunished. Do you have somewhere to stay tonight?”

Jelly leaned forward to the hands to the warm stream of air. “Erm … I got nothing. If we say yes she might try to drive us there. But I think we can take her if she gets all serial killer on us.” Jelly joked.

“No.” Jocasta admitted, anything to stay out of the rain. “And the city, there was so many riots, we just wanted out of there, it wasn’t safe.” The warm air was actually making her sleepy. It’d been a while since they were warm and comfortable.

“I know just the place.” The old woman said, as her directional signal was turned on. “You can have a nice hot meal, and when you have a full belly, a warm dry bed to sleep in. Sound good?”

“Heavenly.” Jocasta said with a small chuckle. “Hear that, Jellybean? Hot food, warm bed. We’re all in.”

“Omigawd that sounds awesome. I know I didn’t say it before but I am starved!” Jelly concurred leaning her head on the back of Jocasta's headrest. “I approve so far.”

“Don’t you worry dear. We are going to take good care of you.” The old woman said in a warm tone. “You relax. My name is Adel by the way … not sure if I caught yours?” She said with a glance to Jocasta.

“Jocasta, and you already said hi to Jellybean,” the teen replied. “And we? We…. who?”

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