Waste Not

Hyden jolted from his seat, surprised to find himself back home. Several new bodies lay on the floor, though he had no memory of killing again.
The Beast growled low as Hyden grabbed a knife to check his surroundings. His chat with the mysterious man earlier hadn't been long, but he couldn’t remember the mans face at all. He couldn't even remember his scent, a thought that terrified and intrigued him.
What he could recall was the mans last words before he passed out.
Soon Brother, they will know their place
His thoughts were interrupted by the Beast scratching at his mind and whining.
Stranger, threat?
Hyden had to ponder on this question. This man made the Beast uneasy, a sense that had never led them astray, but Hyden couldn’t help but feel like he could be of use to his people here. Users had to rise up now or forever be chained by humans and his new “friend” could be the key.
“No. For now he is our ally.”
Not sensing anyone near his shack, Hyden instead inspected the new food.
Sadly already dead, he couldn’t smell any poisons or foreign chemicals.
Waste not, want not.

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