Ava and Harris knelt next to the corpse. The latest victim in the ritual killings, as they were now called around the office. Ava was intently staring at the runes carved into her back. They were clean cuts.

At least this killer has class. she thought to herself, sketching out a rough copy of the marks.

Though Harris was focused on something entirely different. He had been studying Ava. Her face showed a troubled expression, as if held back by fear but motivated by passion. He wanted to ask her, to bring up his worries, but knowing that it might be her who killed those men, who left those kids without a family, and seeing her face, her features normally gentle and caring, twisted in thought and fear, it made him uncomfortable. He knew she had done it. It matched her powers. He hadn't told anyone else what the results of his investigation had pulled, but he was worried me might regret it, especially if she killed again.


Ava looked up at Harris. He had been staring at her for the last ten minutes, though she had been trying not to notice. She knew he had been the one assigned to investigate her kills. The only thing keeping her from telling him the truth is the knowledge that he would have to turn her in. She would be thrown into Rooksloft, the User only prison she had thrown many of her catches into. She started sweating at the thought. Harris coughed.

"You alright Ava? You look a little stressed." he raised an eyebrow.

"I am." She paused. She focused on him, studying his emotion. Her eyes narrowed. "Are you?"

The voice inside her urged on.
He knows. His eyes tell many tales.

She stood up, taking a picture of the tunes on her phone. She handed him the sketchbook with the runes drawn in it. He looked at her worriedly. She had been chasing this killer for a while. He had gotten inside her head. She thought of him as a close friend that she never met. He wanted her to find him.

That's just what she was going to do.

And with that thought, she set off to find her killer.

Out of admiration or duty, Ava?

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