Welcome to the End

It had been a year since the world came to an end, and Rory could remember it vividly. She remembered the panic and fear and confusion. And she could remember what followed. Finding her home destroyed, gathering the group, learning of Utopia, making their way there.

And then losing one of their members, Luke, to the 'scientists'. Rory had never been targeted, but she had heard about them, about how they took survivors to do experiments on them, about when they were returned - if they were - they were never the same again.

A part of her wanted to forge ahead and not risk their lives to try and get him back, but she had known Luke since the very beginning and she couldn't bring herself to leave him. So, as their group gathered together to hear her final word, she took a deep breath.

"We're going after him," she announced, listening to the grumbles be overwhelmed by the sounds of relief from the majority of the others.

They began to pack up the camp they set up, setting a course for the nearest town where they could get information on the scientists and where they could find them.