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Summary: A Wizard of both great intelligence and cunning with a love of beautiful things.

Jafar Abon'Jakkar

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Gender: Male

Age: 100+

Group: Mage Cast

Origin and/or Nationality

Shadrazar, Zatar




High Wizard
Master of the 10 Rings
The Hand of the High Prince


By all appearances Jafar is an attractive and youthful male with long black hair worn loose around his shoulders skin of fair complextion.

Jafar dresses in extravagant yet taistful attire often consisting of dark flowing robes and gold jewellery.


One would be hard pressed to name a more friendly an individual than the man known as Jafar Abon'Jakkar.

A Wizard of the 10 Rings Jafar is a surprisingly pleasant sort and widely known to be a soft spoken and reserved individual not known for presuming nor making demands of others be they men or women.

This is not to say that he is not without his faults of which he has many but most find that these can be overlooked given that most would be hard pressed to find a more good natured and personable companion in the whole of Zatar.




Jafar is well known for his vices…

The first is his vanity and his efforts to keep himself young and beautiful. How he has managed to retain his youth and vigour as he approaches 100 years of age is a subject of some debate amongst his peers.

The second of Jafar's vices is his love of all that is in his opinion beautiful. Not just aesthetically beautiful but intellectually as well. His pursuit and acquisition of beauty in all its forms is in and of itself one of his driving motivations in life and even his two wives are a testament to this obsession as both are not only considered by many to be great beauties but also dangerously intelligent women.

The third of Jafar's vices is his love of games of chance. The problem with this is that Jafar is amazingly lucky and rarely fails to come out ahead. ( While some suspect some cheating there is never proof and to call Jafar a cheat to his face would be tantamount to suicide as Jafar has struck down men for less. )

Favorite Sayings

" A common man who would tell you that wealth and power cannot buy you happiness is a fool who has had neither and knows nothing. "

" I have a great love of beautiful things and would keep them close so that they might be enjoyed to the fullest. "

" Why only allow yourself one beautiful wife when you can have two or even three ? "

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