OOC - The City of Shadrazar

Known as The Silver City the city itself rests on a fertile valley between the two great mountains and marks the starting point of the trade route to the Southern Realms.

A city of extremes the Wealthy in Shadrazar are often very wealth living and working in gilded palaces and eating only the finest food and drink to be had enjoying whatever entertainment or amusements their wealth can buy.

The poor inturn live in squalor so bad that its equal is rarely found elsewhere in the world. The conditions so inhumane that few would wish such a life upon even the lowest of beasts.

Unlike the rest of the known realms slavery is alive and well in Zatar with slaves in Shadrazar oftentimes living in conditions far better than squalor of the freemen slums. This is not true for all however as willful or undesirable slaves can find themselves banished to short sad lives in the salt or coal mines.

Beyond humans the only other race represented in any great numbers in Shadrazar being the Night Elves. It's once great civilization all but wiped out some 1,000 years ago when the City States of Zatar were first settled in this land. The few remaining Night Elves within the city are often long lived prized female slaves traded back and forth between the wealth families. There are rumors of secret Night Elf villages and settlements hidden in the great mountains but Night Elves have not been seen in great numbers for several hundred years.

>> To be Continued <<

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