OOC - Temple and Clergy

The Grand Temple of the City

As per the will of the One True God each City State within Zatar is required to build and maintain a single Grand Temple dedicated to Ar. These temples are often the single largest structures within a given city state often dwarfing the palaces of the ruling Princes and nobles.

The temples themselves serve multiple political and social functions within the city state beyond the role of place of worship acting as a place of learning and city library. Artifacts or items of historical and/or magic significant are often stored in the temple vaults. The catacombs beneath the temple is were a vast majority of the city states political elite are interned upon their death.

The Clergy

The Clergy of each city state is governed by a council of 12 High Priests who address day-to-day religious matters of the city. The 12 High Priests also act the part of Judges in a majority of criminal and civil matters affecting the common man or woman. ( The Prince of the city in turn addresses the rule of law governing the nobles of the city and only he has the power to overrule a High Priests judgement on any given matter. A rare thing in that the Prince rarely concerns himself with the lives of the common man.)

Under the High Priest the clergy is divided into five houses The Healers, The Sages, The Advisors, and The Martial Orders. The fifth Order is a secret Order that seeks out and removes heretics and corruption from within the ranks of clergy itself. ( This secret Order is both ruthless and efficient in its purpose. The 5th Order having once executed all 12 High Priests of one particular city within the span of a single night having found them all guilty of corruption. )


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