Waking in the bed of another

It was a warm and comfortable place she found herself. Wrapped in the arms of the one she loved half asleep and half awake dreaming of some far away place she'd never seen.

N'jaa had never known these feelings before given that the majority of her life had been spent as simply an amusement or passing fancy passed from one owner to another on what often enough seemed a whim.

The curse of her elven bloodline it seemed being that in the often short lives of men to whom claimed ownership that she was viewed simply as an ageless and unchanging doll.

A toy or plaything that could be dressed up and played with for a time and then abandoned when the novelty faded.

Jafar was different though, he was always kind and loving to her. Always whispering such words and promises that were sweet to her ears. Always telling her that she was his favorite wife, and she, she would always believe him because how could she not.

She gave a soft laugh of amusement in her sleep pulling closer to him enjoying the warmth of his skin against hers. The feeling of his lips upon hers.

The feel of his soft pillowy breasts upon which she could rest her head ?

N'jaa paused then wondering for several moments why that observation made no sense to her.

Jafar was a relatively young man of firm body and build gifted with strong hands and a most talented tongue. His manhood of such proportions that when they made love he filled her to overflowing he was…

No, that wasn't right…

When she really thought about it their lovemaking was nice enough but otherwise wholly unremarkable. Jafar was In fact much too gentle in her opinion and far older than what she would prefer in a bed partner and the smell, Goddess, the smell was as if the man bathed in perfumes.

That being said, when had she become a wife, and who the nine hells was Jafar anyways ?

N'jaa suddenly opened her eyes finding herself staring into the eyes of another woman who wore an expression that suggested that she was just as perplexed and confused about this scenario as N'jaa was.

" Do I know you ? " Was the first thing N'jaa could think to ask the woman she found herself naked in bed with holding hands. The matching silver/gold rings they both wore glowing a bright blue flickering and fading as the magic placed upon them burnt out.


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