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Summary: An IT nerd stuck in the body of a warrior woman.


Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Knights & Warriors

Real World Name / Occupation

Nathan O'Neill
IT technician for Reynholm Industries.


Whoever pays him the most

Race and Subgroup


Physical Appearance

Kara appears as a tall, attractive, and muscular woman with flowing red hair and piercing blue eyes.

Before getting locked into the game Nathan always had her wearing the most revealing outfits the game had to offer, but now feels compelled to wear more protective armor and is often seen wearing leather armor that covers more.

Personality and Interests

Nathan always portrayed Kara as a merciless sellsword with a heart of gold. Always willing to sign up for dangerous and sometimes illegal jobs but Kara always had a line she did not cross.

Now stuck in the game, Nathan is a bit less kind hearted as survival takes precedence. Though it appears Nathan's own sense of morality is beginning to show through.

Brief History

Nathan's summary for Kara reads as such: Born into slavery, this sultry swordswoman carved her path to freedom with her sword and the blood of her enemies. She works now as a sellsword and is always eager for a fight.

Nathan himself was born in Michigan and had a typical upbringing. He loved computer games and desired to make his own one day, studying computer science in college. Sadly, his dreams never became realized as he got a dead end IT job at some big company.

He started playing the game and like most RPGS he's played opted to make a female character because he enjoys the fanservice-y outfits games let you dress your character as. The fact he is now trapped in Kara is making him regret such a decision.

Favourite Sayings

"You're going to regret that."

Magic & Artifacts

Wields "Krom's Riddle" an ancient greatsword that never needs sharpening.

Character Notes

Kara/Nathan (I will typically refer the character by his irl name) heavily relies on his strength in most battles. He wields a greatsword and has proficiency in most melee weapons.

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Image of Kara
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