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Summary: Atrimis is a low level shape shifting thief that wants to be a crafter.


Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Rogues & Scouts

Real World Name / Occupation

Holt Bachman
* Electrical Engineer student
* I.T. Helpdesk


To the party

Race and Subgroup

Changeling (Becomer)

Physical Appearance

In his natural form, Atrimus looks like a human of melting wax. When he sets his mind, he can take on a face and body of his choosing. He is about 5' 8" tall and about 125 lbs. His natural hair is white and his eyes are grey with blue flecks.

Dressed in dark colored clothes with a motted cloak of black and grey covers him and hides his his face. He wears three daggers, two on his belt and one in his sleeve.

His first form is that of a man with brown hair and blue eyes.
The second form is that of a young woman with long red hair and green eyes.

Personality and Interests

Atrimus had intended to take on the roll of a craftsman to find out that while a changeling might have good stats and skills for the role, few people trusted them. In the game, he is trying to change the reputation and use his crafting skills. But he has conformed and take on the roll of a thief. In a couple levels he would like to add some healing magic and skills.

He is interested in:
Making a name for himself, gaining wealth, and power.
Getting some magical powers/items to help him be a better rounded character.
Learning new forms.

Brief History

Artimus’s player is intelligent and was very driven before finding the game. Now he wants to be online trying new classes and characters. He has hit the sophomore slump.

His background was that of a middle class family. His father was a Civil Engineer and his mother was a law clerk. He wanted to be a radio D.J. when he was growing up. He has two older sisters, the oldest is in medical school.

Favourite Sayings

"When in trouble run and hide.”
“A knife in the back beats a royal flush.”
“I can pick that.”

Magic & Artifacts

Artimis has a small bad of holding that will stay with him when he changes (like backpack size).
Artimis can take on a body at this level and can take on the shape of a house cat and a ferret.

Character Notes

Artimis is still a low level thief as his character is new.

When he is in animal form, he gets the hit points and skills and limitations of the animal.

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Image of Artimis
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