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Summary: I am your healer to day, May Aura light gide your way

Glenn Graystone The Inquisitor

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Clerics & Priests

Real World Name / Occupation

Glenn Davenport
Retired Army cyber warfare specialist
Now working as network security specialist for Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv and supporting networks.


friends, family and the Party

Race and Subgroup

Aasimar: are humans with a significant amount of celestial or other good outsider blood in their ancestry. While not always benevolent, Aasimar are more inclined toward acts of kindness rather than evil, and they gravitate toward faiths or organizations associated with celestials. Aasimar heritage can lie dormant for generations, only to appear suddenly in the child of two apparently human parents. Most societies interpret Aasimar births as good omens

Physical Appearance

Graystone looks mostly human except for some minor of his physical trait that reveals his unusual heritage. Graystone features include white hair that shines like metal, tan color lustrous skin, and nice gold eyes that you could look in to forever. His statue is large he stands at 6’ 2” He is of large stature and muscular he Weighs 275 pounds. His plate armor is shined with gold color trim and white silky fabric with holy symbol on them. He carries a heavy mace with him but has been known to use his hands to strike as well. He has been seen with a shield that matches his armor but know one know where he keeps it.

Personality and Interests

Graystone tries to fit each of his adventures and encounters into the grand scheme of the meaning of life. He’s not a very exciting personality, being more thoughtful and reserved than a dynamic Motivator. He often adopts a “Let’s wait and see what happens “or “Maybe it was meant to be” attitude. He seldom initiates combat or aggression, but this doesn’t make him a pacifist; once he gets into combat, he can be as formidable an opponent as any priest of his class.
In combat situations, the Graystone will often hang back for a round or so to gauge the situation and analyze things. In doing so, he may see something the other characters have missed (more enemies creeping out of a secret panel, an exit tunnel that would allow them to escape, or the stealthy motions of an enemy thief creeping around behind one of the Party). But he won’t hesitate long, particularly when it could mean life or death to his friends. In situations, he tends to be very analytical, choosing his words carefully, thinking all the while.

He has joined many party’s and wanted to serve in the best way he can. He strives to be the best support to his friends. He tends to make sure that everything He does, He dose for a reason; He has a lot to learn about the new world of Dungeons Deep and Dark. He tends to go strong into all situations. If he is in disagreement with someone, he will let them know. The induction in to this world of Dungeons Deep and Dark has had an awe-inspiring effect on Him. He knows that he has a long road ahead of him. He doses lack compassion at times in sacristans like in a death.

Brief History

Graystone summary for him as such: Born into high ranking family his mission is to help others and set a path to freedom with his wisdom he will fight his enemies to protect his friends and party all to lend a helping hand. He has a sub class called Inquisitor. It Makes him a tank subclass much like a Guardian. This also helps players on there quest when assistance is needed. This also Identifies him as an administrator for Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv He had admen rights to discipline players that broke the rules and to help in reporting glitches in the game.

Glenn himself was born in the US and had been out of the military for 10 years now. He loved technology and VRMMOs games and desired to work for a company one day. Studying computer science in college as well as years in the Army training as a Cyber warfare specialist he got his dream working for Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv. He has work as a network security specialist for the last 8 years. his dreams became realized and now something has gone wrong with the 4.2 Update & Expansion (Domino) trapped in a game he can only hope he can use all his skills he has learned to get back and help others.

Favourite Sayings

"Did you see that?"

"I can heal that, is this your arm?"

"Burn in holy fire you Evil doer."

Magic & Artifacts

his Inquisitor magic armor set is from Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv is of fine quality. gives great protection, his Inquisitor Holy Mace of Light can be used one or two handed it dose additional damage to evil and undead he has a Inquisitor shield but does not use it much. the set was given to him as an administration bonus to help him as admen in the game he as other bags and equipment that hold many items he carry's he dose have his Silver citadel armor set that he had before the Inquisitor armor set it as a Maul and staff as weapons and shield as well. The Griffin mount and war horse package are also from the Silver citadel set. his equipment levels up with him.
Bastard sword Holy Flame Tongue
His crafting skill is Scholar he can make scrolls, research items, identify items and lesser potions.

Character Notes

Glenn has been in the game for time he has been playing Graystone the game for 10 years.
He is also a security system adman and still has no idea what happened.
High level Clerics & Priests Aasimar Specialist Inquisitor

Aasimar’s are naturally good because of their celestial powers.
Aasimar can have the quality to see and move in the darkness because they can see in the dark vision. They can see in the dim light within sixty feet as same as in the daylight also do to Aura ability.
They have the resistance to the damage of the radiant and necrotic because they have the special ability to shield themselves from the natural effects.
Aasimars have the ability to heal the creature that they touch. This is a particular trait they can use one time per day.
They can read and write the languages of the humans as well as the celestial. There is the existence of three races of Aasimar He is protector. His resistance and strength increase greatly when in his protector roll.

Class & Level Breakdown
* Player Maximum Level 100
Clerics & Priests 30/50 (Lord Inquisitor)
Planner Being 5/5
Aasimar 10/10
Inquisitor 20/20
Cavalier 5/20 (Baron of the Silver Citadel)
Casting points 30

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Image of Glenn Graystone The Inquisitor
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