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Summary: Vader is a rogue game monster, who plays by his own rules now.


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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Dead/Inactive/Retired

Real World Name / Occupation

Before his untimely death, Vader was once known as Prince Adam of Eternia.


● Lady De'Lyons
● Morganna
● The fellowship of players

Race and Subgroup

Dread Knight (Fallen)

Physical Appearance

Vader is tall, towering over friend and foe alike. He strides the battlefield covered head to toe in grey plat plate armor, with a flared red cross in the center of the breastplate. His very presence inspires fear in those not worthy to face him.

Personality and Interests

Vader is possessed of a dark humor and often takes pleasure in those things that more squeamish folks might consider morbid, deranged, or just plain cruel.

Brief History

Once a mindless servant to Corruptus, Vader has managed to regain his freedom of will thanks to the 'update'. Then, he regained his past. Once, he was Prince Adam of Eternia, keeper of the mighty Power Sword. Upon learning this, he repented for the sin of killing his lover and was released from Corruptus's service. But the past is in the past, and he's still Vader, and killing's still fun. Recently, he's become aware of a daughter named Morganna and is determined to make up for all the time he's lost with her.

Favourite Sayings

"By Corruptus... er, I mean Grayskull!"

Magic & Artifacts

● Power Armor which grants +10% STR bonus in addition to high AC
● Power Sword which causes ethereal lightning damage and grants the ability: Call of Grayskull
● An individually wrapped twinkie (he's just as puzzled by this as you)

● (Greyed out) Veil of Corruptus- blankets the battlefield in infernal darkness for a short time, granting various bonuses to followers of Corruptus and penalties to everyone else.
● Orb of fear- ranged attack which causes ethereal fire damage with a 30% chance to cause Fear or Paralysis (Seems to be granted by the twinkie in his inventory)
● Dreadful Countenance- Passive skill. A terrifying presence and dark aura which gradually overwhelms nearby enemies. All within a certain range are effected, but particularly the one on whom Vader is in combat with. As their fear grows, the enemy's ability to fight back and defend itself is gradually reduced. All holy spells and effects are snuffed out within the Dreadful Countenance.
● Call Of Grayskull - Refills HP completely and significantly boosts all combat related stats for a short time. Nearby enemies take ethereal lightning damage. Nearby steed receives stat boost as well. Requires Power Sword to cast.

Character Notes

Most NPCs and monsters no longer recognize Vader as an NPC and will often treat him as an evil aligned player character.

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Image of Vader
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