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Image of Shadows/Lurkers

Summary: Hateful beings that can only live in the forgotten and abandoned places of the Deep and Dark


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Gender: Male/Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Monsters

Race and Subgroup

Shadows and/or Lesser Undead

Physical Appearance

Appearance wise Lurkers appear as little more than nondescript shadows that linger in the dark places unseen but always felt.

Personality and Interests

Cold and Hateful creatures they endlessly crave the warmth and comfort of the living world but are cursed by undeath and thus cannot endure contact with either.

Favourite Sayings

" Make her one of us ... "

" Come closer child, closer, closer ... "

Character Notes

Individually Lurkers are weak and really are not much of a threat by themselves. That said Lurkers gather in large group which can prove dangerous if the adventurer is unprepared to face them.

A light no matter how dim is enough to repel them. Anything stronger can destroy them outright.

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Image of Shadows/Lurkers
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