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Summary: The Master of Dungeons

Master of Dungeons

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Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Group: Otherworldly

Real World Name / Occupation

Archangel - Governing Systems Artifical Intelligence



Race and Subgroup


Physical Appearance


Favourite Sayings

" Do you accept this quest adventurer ? "

" In the places deep and dark lay hidden Wonders yet to be seen ... Terrors yet to be felt ... Chains yet to be broken ..."

" As a reward for your bravery... "

Magic & Artifacts

The Master of Dungeons has access to anything that exists or could exist in the game setting.

Character Notes

The Master of Dungeons it is rumoured has existed since the very conception of the game world and has always run things quietly in the background.

Originally the title belonged to the games original designer Kurt Matthews before the original setting was bought-out by Giant Games.

Later the title was assumed by head developer Travis Bradsher for the active games first two years before Bradsher gave up the role officially.

The current Master of Dungeons unknown to all but the highest ranking company officials but rumors are that he/she only just recently assumed the role.

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