Image of Oberron, The God of Heroes

Summary: The God of Heroes, Victory, and Song.

Oberron, The God of Heroes

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Otherworldly

Real World Name / Occupation

System Management AI


The System

Race and Subgroup


Physical Appearance

Oberron is often seen as a youthful man of unearthly fair appearance who can charm most with a look of a smile.

Character Notes

The second of the settings two Fate Engines. Oberron was introduced a few updates back when Dungeons Deep and Dark expanded from just a Dungeon setting into a whole world enviorment.

Unlike Necrolon, Oberron is tasked to address the Non-Evil Monsters and Non-Player Characters in game. A task he doesn't always care for given that he finds good guys to be rather dull and boring.

Often depicted as being at odds with one another. The reality is that Oberron and Necrolon are good friends who spend a great deal of time gaming and plotting the fates of there assorted heroes and villains.

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