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Summary: The God of Heroes, Victory, and Song.

Oberron, The God of Heroes **

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Otherworldly

Real World Name / Occupation

Governing System AI
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Race and Subgroup

Celestial being

Physical Appearance

Oberron is often seen as a youthful man of unearthly fair appearance who can charm most with a look of a smile.

Meticulous about both dress and appearance Oberron almost always appears as the ideal of masculinity to the viewer.

Personality and Interests

Oberron, The God of Heroes and Victory is a well known and beloved god of the lands of Good.

His favor displayed oftentimes in a very public manner and his gifts many to a worthy hero who does great works in his name.

Contrary to this public facade however Oberron often enough has proven to be a vain and fickle deity. Who withholds both notice or favor more often than giving them. His gauge of a mortal's worth based upon the measure of their successes over failures and often enough their ability to further the deities interests.

While not acknowledged so by the faithful Oberron tends to view the majority of mortals with something just short of contempt and disdain.

Brief History

In the mythology of the world that is Dungeons Deep and Dark a great many tales are told of endless battles and contests waged between Oberron, The God of Heroes and his immortal enemy Necrolon, The Undying.

The reality however is perhaps a little less dramatic in that Oberron and Necrolon are like brothers who spend a great deal of time drinking and engaged in an assortment of games and entertainment's that often pit their mortal and immortal followers against one another in Epic contests.

Of the two Oberron it is noted takes these contests a great deal more seriously than most rewarding or punishing his mortal pawns on a whim it seems.

Favourite Sayings

" Tell us of your deeds O'Hero... "

" A true Hero knows only success in his efforts and victory versus all that would challenge him..."

" You are not worthy... "

Magic & Artifacts


Character Notes

There are two deities that Oberron secretly despises. ( Or perhaps not so secretly given that he seems unable to hide his dislike for the two. )

Aura ~ Whom he holds the greatest contempt and disfavor for over the belief that she should be his consort and subject to him. It this 'betrayal' and her continued refusal to acknowledge his continued attempts and overtures that further still infuriates him to this day.

( Aura for her part recalls events differently however, viewing their so-called courtship as a joke and more simply another of Oberron's attempts to usurp her authority within both the pantheon and gain dominion over her mortal followers. )

Corruptus ~ Not so much outright hatred but rather a deep envy for the seat Corruptus holds in the Celestial Order. It is no secret that Oberron would assume dark gods place on the Throne of despair if given the opportunity.

( Corruptus knows this well enough and finds every opportunity to torment Oberron with it )

In fact the only deity aside from Necrolon of whom Oberron keeps any company with is Shar of whom it is well known is mercenary when it comes to her affections.

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